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Surveyors are required to evaluate large plots of land and provide their clients with detailed mapping and measurements. With the assistance of 99 PLUS 1 Pty Ltd Properties land surveying will take the job to the next level.

Step 1.Planning Permit

A planning permit is required to allow you to subdivide; it does not create the new lots.
In the planning permit assessment Council will consider the appropriateness of the proposal and, if granted, establish any additional requirements to be met before the lots can be formally created. The planning permit application will generally be publically advertised.
Subdivision may be applied for at the same time as development, or applied for after development. While you can apply for subdivision before development, it is sometimes more difficult to assess this kind of development and it is generally discouraged. This stage does not require plans from a land surveyor. Depending on the scale of the proposal, you may be able to prepare the proposed subdivision plan yourself as long as it is legible, clear in what the layout is and includes dimensions.

Step 2.Certification

Certification confirms that the new subdivision plans accord with the planning permit.
After a planning permit is issued, a licenced land surveyor can draw up the formal plan of subdivision for the new lots. It will show the dimensions and any easements, restrictions or envelopes. Council will refer these plans to the relevant referral authorities (such as utility providers or state government departments) for confirmation that all requirements have been met. This may involve entering into certain agreements or making open space contributions.

Step 3.Statement of Compliance

A Statement of Compliance is the final document issued by Council and it confirms that the subdivision has been certified, all referral authorities have provided consent, and all other permit conditions have been met.

Step 4.Title Registration

Title Registration is when Land Sydney (the titles office) formally creates the new titles. This can only be done with a Statement of Compliance.

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